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KGHL-TV Channel 8 Billings, Montana - March 15, 1958 Print Ad

KGHL-TV: KGHL-TV Channel 8 came on the air March 15, 1958. Their studios, along with KGHL radio 790 were located at 214 North 30th Street for a number of years.

The KGHL-TV test pattern and ID on air photos are from 1961.


KULR-TV: The call letters were changed to KULR in 1963. Pronounced "color" their slogan quickly became "Color 8."

Here's a KULR-TV Channel 8 on air ID from early 1963.

The next on air ID is from the early 1970's.

KULR-TV built a new building around their Coburn Road transmitter building to house the offices and studios in the late 1960's.

They even had a very friendly sign pointing the way to this location as seen in the photos from 1972.

The station photo of the Coburn Road studio building is from 1971. Note the colorful lettering. This building housed offices, studios, and the transmitter.

The photo of the old studio camera used in the 1960's was taken in 2000. The camera is proudly displayed in the lobby of their current location at 2045 Overland Avenue.
The two billboard photos are from 1975.

KULR-TV's news was called "Newsservice" and until the late 1980's they were the news leader in the Billings market. A position they lost around 1986 and have struggled to regain.

In the fall of 1983 KULR-TV invested in a new $3 million dollar building located at 2045 Overland Avenue in the Homestead Busiess Park. This location is filled with hotels, major restaurants, banks, box stores, and other office buildings.

The two photos show how the building looked in 1985. Note the "Straight 8" signage on the building. KULR-TV used this slogan for quite a few years. People still refer to them as "Straight 8" even though they stopped using it years ago.

By 2000 the "Straight 8" signage was removed from their building and replaced with new branding.
This photo is from 2000.

The street entrance to their parking lot has a nice sign. The first photo is from 2000.

The next photo of the street entrance sign is from 2008.

The trees and other plantings have grown over the years creating a very impressive landscape for the 2045 Overland Avenue station.
The next photo is from 2008

The next photo, also from 2008, shows the main entrance and the microwave tower atop the building.

Here's a closer look at that structure. Note the sign. That's quite the combination of elements. You can see a microwave dish, that sends signals to the transmitter on Coburn Road. That object on top is a remote camera used during weather segments to show outside conditions. Apparently birds like this tower.

The photo of the KULR-TV Channel 8 remote microwave truck is from 2000.

The next photo is from 2008 and shows part of the fleet of news cars awaiting to head out on stories.

For next two photos we head back up to Coburn Road to take a look on how things looked in 2008.

There is still a sign, but it no longer says "Welcome" and there is a gate to the entrance road.

The wider shot gives you a look up to the tower. The old studios and offices portion of the transmitter building have been removed. The KULR-DT transmitter and antenna now share this facility.

KULR TV Billings, Montana 1969 Print Ad

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KULR TV Channel 8 Billings, Montana KULR 8.1

KULR TV Channel 8 Billings, Montana KULR 8.1

KULR TV Channel 8 Billings, Montana KULR 8.1

KULR TV Channel 8 Billings, Montana KULR 8.1

KULR TV Channel 8 Billings, Montana KULR 8.1

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